Helping you to launch your dream allied health business.



Are you ready to launch your own allied health business? 

It’s time to take the leap and create the business & life of your dreams! 


The Ready to Launch Program, steps you through the key pillars of launching your own successful clinic - without the fear and overwhelm. 


Quick question for you……

What's been stopping you from starting your own business?

You have likely been dreaming about starting your own gig for a while now. You are craving freedom and autonomy and want to be more financially rewarded for all of your hard work.

But then fear and overwhelm set in and you don't know where to start. Throw in the worry of losing a regular secure wage and for many, it is just too daunting to take the first step.  I totally get it, as I was once there too. 

But it doesn't have to be that hard.

How would it feel to have access to everything you need to make it a simple and straightforward process to start your own clinic? 

I created Ready to Launch to support other allied health professionals launch their dream clinics. It brings together 20 years of experience and knowledge as a health professional and business owner and everything I have learnt from helping many other health professionals launch their businesses.

I have launched and scaled my own successful practices by following the steps of this Ready to Launch Program.  It’s for you are ready to start your own clinic, without the fear and overwhelm, and hit the ground running while working with great purpose to create a life that you love.

Are you ready to take the leap??

Eve Drew

Does this sound like you?

You're an allied health professional with great clinical skills who is looking for more freedom and autonomy in your career. 

You are ready to take the leap and start your own clinic. 

You have no idea of how to launch a business let alone run one. 

Ready to Launch has got you covered. 


You know it is time to take the leap if...

You’re sick of feeling like you have no freedom or autonomy in your career

You've been dreaming of starting your own clinic but lack the confidence & direction to take the first step

You’re sick of working so hard but not seeing the financial rewards.



An online course where you’ll learn how to build the allied health business of your dreams while creating a life that you love. 

Here's what my clients say....

I am so grateful to have met Eve. I have always wanted to open my own practice and Eve inspired and assured me that I could achieve what I was hoping for... and more! Eve's values aligned very much with my own and she was able to work with me to help me create my vision. Eve is caring, generous, compassionate and kind. I felt confident under her guidance and no question was ever unanswered - and there were A LOT of questions! I really can't thank Eve enough. I am so lucky to have a wonderful mentor in Eve.

Lucy Manganiello
Owner Motion Space

Eve believed in me and gave me the courage to pursue my dream to become a business owner. Not only did she support my ideas and give me the tools needed to pursue my dreams, but she was the person that kickstarted my vision. She provided me with the mindset (and heartset) that I could do anything I desired if I worked hard. Eve has enabled me to grow as a person, as a podiatrist and as a business owner. I am incredibly grateful for her commitment to me and my business and without her, I would have not had the tools to start my own business.

Sharni O’Donoghue
Owner Corowa Podiatry

Working with Eve allowed me to bring my goal to life - working my dream job in my own clinic! Eve was patient and thorough, covering every single aspect and detail of running a business. She shared detailed support and plans for setting up everything you need whilst consistently checking in to see my progress, or to answer any questions. Eve actively listened to all of my visions and was extremely supportive throughout the process. I cannot recommend Eve enough, her persona radiates with positivity and she is remarkably intelligent. If I could do it all over again I would!

Chelsea Ferwerda
Massage therapist/Wellness Coach
Owner Balanced Body Mind Co




Module 1

Building the Foundations

Let’s build strong foundations from the start. We’ll understand ‘why’ we do what we do and commit to living our best life every day. 

Here’s what you are going to learn:

Getting clear on your vision and ‘Why’

 Exploring your values and personal character strengths

 Energy audit and Wheel of Life exercise

 Creating your ideal week

 Identifying your ideal client 

Module 2

Building your brand 

Our branding creates a distinct identity for our new business.

Here’s what you are going to learn:

 How choose a business name

 Designing your logo and choosing colours/fonts

 Setting up socials and webpage

 How to use Canva

Module 3

Successful Structure

All the 'businessy' info you'll need to launch your clinic

Here’s what you are going to learn:

 How to find your ideal location

 Breakeven analysis - how many clients you need to see to breakeven

 Business structure, registration, domains, IP, legal & insurance considerations

 Budget & Pricing

Module 4

Practice Building 

Setting up the 'back end' to ensure success

Here’s what you are going to learn:

 How to set up your business with Medicare, HICAPS, 3rd Party billers

 Setting up your practice management system - Cliniko How To

 Setting up Cliniq Apps

 Introduction to systems 


Module 5

Attracting Ideal Clients

Attracting and retaining ideal clients is the keystone to any successful business. 

Here’s what you are going to learn:

How to attract new clients 

 Building genuine referrer relationships that last 

 Content Marketing

 Digital advertising strategies for health professionals – delivered by expert partner Cameron Bell

Module 6

First Day Feels

Hit the ground running with a fabulous first day 

Here’s what you are going to learn:

✓ Invoicing

 ✓ How to reconcile banking at end of day

 Daily reports



Bonus Module

Be Well @ Work

Self care is definitely not selfish, it is essential. 

As health professionals we are the carers, the giver and the nurturers so we need to ensure we are pouring from an overflowing cup. 

Dr Jodie Fleming and Eve Drew share tips and resources using the latest positive psychology research to help you live your best life.


Hi There!

I'm Eve Drew


Before telling you a little more about myself, I would firstly like to say congratulations. Congratulations for believing you can do this. Believe you can and you are half way there. The rest is about taking massive action. 

I have over 20 years experience as a health professional and clinic owner. I started my first Podiatry business at age 23, and have spent my career starting, growing and selling allied health businesses.

Now, I want to help more health professionals follow their dreams and launch their own clinics.  I’m so grateful that I get to do what I love and live life on my terms, and now I’m here to help you do the same.

I've personally experienced and witnessed many business owners navigate overwhelm and burnout during their careers so I understand how important it is for health professionals to look after their own wellbeing,  while caring for everyone else. We need to pour from overflowing cups. I'll show you how to build the clinic of your dreams without losing yourself in the process.

I created this course because I am passionate about helping other health professionals create careers, businesses and lives that they love. I have helped many other health professionals launch their dream clinics and would love to be the person to help you do this too. 





Great, because there is something I need to share with you.

I have worked with a lot of health professionals who have so much expertise and knowledge as clinicians, BUT they have no idea how to run a clinic. Those who understand the business side of things… well, they succeed.

I don’t want you to be so busy working IN your business that you don’t have time to work ON growing your business. I don’t want fear and overwhelm (and a perceived lack of business knowledge) to stop you from launching the business of your dreams and I don’t want you to think that running a successful business means that you need to put profits before people..

Ready to Launch gives you the solutions. We will show you exactly what you need to do, then you just need to find the courage to take massive action.  And you can.

How amazing would it feel to...

Have access to step-by-step videos and resources showing you how to find the ideal location, set up your patient management and invoicing systems, develop your brand, automate key processes & attract new clients.

Have confidence in your ability to take the leap knowing you have everything ticked off and to remove the feelings of fear and overwhelm and take your business to the next level while feeling calm and confident.

Have a fully systemised business so you can step away at any time with confidence. Goodbye uncertainty and worry, Hello Freedom! 



Most Affordable


6 Monthly Installments

  • 6 weeks of content
  • 12 months access
  • Build your dream clinic in less than 3 months 
  • Resources & Spreadsheets to help grow your business
  • Early bird access to Be Well Retreats

(All Prices in AUD)


Best Value


Discounted upfront price

  • 6 weeks of content
  • 12 weeks access
  • Build your dream clinic in less than 3 months 
  • Resources & Spreadsheets to help grow your business
  • Early bird access to Be Well Retreats

(All Prices in AUD)




Intensive Mentoring Package

  • All inclusions from other packages PLUS
  • 2 x 60min 1:1 mentoring sessions with Eve
  • Email support 
  • Additional resources & Spreadsheets to help grow your business

(All Prices in AUD)



You’re covered by our guarantee

If you get in and within 14 days start to work through the program and decide ‘this isn’t for me’, we’ll give you and your money back.

I am that confident that if you show up, do the work and follow the formula, you will have amazing results! 

We've Got Your Questions Covered


It's time for you to make a choice. 

The first choice is to do nothing.

Stay where you are, stuck in a role that is unfulfilling and put your dreams on hold. 

Nothing changes....

The second choice is to take the leap.

To back yourself, take massive action, invest in your future and follow your dreams.

Are you ready? 

So before we go our separate ways...

If you're craving freedom and autonomy, stuck in a role that is unfulfilling with no room to grow, and you're dreaming of starting your own business but don't know where to start  - then this is for you.