Owning your own private practice should be enjoyable. You likely started your own practice because you wanted more autonomy and more freedom. But now you are feeling overwhelmed and lack the knowledge and confidence to take your clinic to the next level.

In this health business world, there are many different people offering to help you grow your practice. It can be noisy and confusing. Maybe those messages are not resonating with you because they are too focussed on the profit and not enough about the people?

That’s where I step in. My job is to help female health professionals lean into their power and build businesses (and a life!) they are excited about. It is about creating a life full of purpose, fulfilment and freedom. I’m particularly passionate about helping women in health create successful & profitable businesses with big hearts!

Part of what I do is to help women discover their purpose, their strengths and what an ideal week looks like for them. I support them to obsess over client experiences, create amazing relationships with their clients, referrers and their community and to understand the numbers in their clinics while identifying opportunities for growth. I help women to see the immense value they are providing and support them to create a life that they love.

How I do that is through courses, working one on one with business owners and individuals, running workshops and offering luxurious retreats.


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